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This is a federal CCW permit only issued to retired law enforcement. A retired officer must initiate the process at the shooting range, then the application must be signed and submitted to us.

The fee for this type of CCW is $13.00 and it expires in 1 year.

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Separated Law Enforcement Officer Application Requirements: must meet ALL requirements


The applicant will need the following:

1) Letter from the applicant's agency(ies) certifuing that the applicant meets the criteria tocarry a concealed firearm pursuant 18 U.S.C. $ 926C (example attached).

2) Photo identification issued by the agency(ies) from which the applicant was employed.

3) Firearms Qualification within the last 12 months from a Colorado POST Certified Firearms Instructor (qualifring course and blank qual sheet is attached). Firearms qualification is required on an annual basis.

4) Colorado Driver's License

Please bring the following documents to your scheduled appointment:

1) The original letter from prior agency(ies),

2) Photo identification from prior agency(ies),

3) The completed firearms qualification document,

4) Colorado Driver's License

For More Information, Contact:

Pueblo County Sheriff's Office
909 Court St.
Pueblo, CO 81003

Phone: (719) 583-4941


For Technical Support, Contact:

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